Contemporary (1940-Today)

Artist should either:

  • have a traceable secondary market, with several works already presented at a major auction house or
  • be represented by an established art gallery or
  • institutional support


  • Medium: Paintings, Sculpture, and Photography
  • Unique Artwork (we do not do limited editions or prints)


  • Value: $10,000+
  • The price should be within a reasonable market price range — our experts will help determine that range upon submission of your artwork.
  • The artwork should not be listed for sale elsewhere at a lower price.


  • The seller should be able to prove ownership, by providing an invoice or other documented proof.
  • The seller should be able to prove condition of the work, by producing a recent condition report.


Size: 8 - 13

Deadstock only

Value: $2,500+


Age: Bronze, Silver, Golden

CGC Graded

Value: $10,000+

Top 1.5% of total supply

Comics should either:

  • be a key first appearance of a character, or
  • iconic scene between characters

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