Otis is a platform that allows almost anyone to invest in cultural assets—from contemporary art to rare collectibles, sneaker grails, and more. This process starts with our collector community.

As of 9/2021, we have over 125 assets totaling $10M+ with over 100K members. We continuously look for the best assets and we can do so because of our community.

Our Minimum Criteria

Because Otis is a vetted marketplace, our minimum criteria to meet in order for an asset to be considered are:

  • Asset Value: $10,000+

  • Retained Equity: 10%+

  • Authenticated and/or Graded

  • Category: Any "cultural" category including:

    • Sports (Trading Cards, Sports Memorabilia, etc)

    • NFTs

    • Contemporary Art

    • Video Games

    • TCG (Pokemon)

    • Comic Books

    • Sneakers

    • Technology

    • Fashion & Luxury

    • Toys

    • Other

Our Benefits

Collectors enjoy working with Otis because of the optionality that we can provide:

  1. No Fees - We do not charge any listing fees. Compared to auction houses who charge a buyer's premium of 20% and seller fees of 10%. You can view our calculator here.

  2. Retained Equity - Our collectors can keep a % of the asset to hold for the long-term while receiving near-term liquidity from the proceeds of the Drop (IPO).

  3. Liquidity - Our platform supports multiple options for liquidity

    1. Drops - Cash upon drop closing

    2. Secondary - We have a trading platform that allows our investors to buy and sell shares.

    3. Buyout - We allow full buyouts of any of the assets on the platform.

How Listing Works

  1. Submit Your Asset

  2. Agree on Valuation & Retained Equity

  3. Ship item to Otis (where all items are vaulted, stored, and insured)

  4. Asset drops (IPOs) on the Otis Platform

  5. Asset goes into secondary trading (30-45 days after the drop closes)

If you have any questions, you can email us or text our team directly at (917) 338-0305.

If you have any questions about how Otis works or your Otis account, please don't hesitate to give our support team a shout on the app or via email at [email protected].

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