What does Otis accept for the vault?

We accept any authenticated art & collectibles with a $5K per item minimum. That said, we hope to lower the minimum to $1K per item in the future.

How does vaulting work?

Anyone can submit any physical collectible above $5,000. These items will be stored in Otis’ physical storage vault in Delaware or New York City where they will be placed in a temperature and humidity-controlled vaults. Otis will then professionally photograph, authenticate, and insure each item. From there, an NFT will get minted and sent to the owner’s wallet.

Are my items insured?

When you submit an item to our vault, you will declare the value of the item. When we receive the item, we will use market data to view the last several sales of the item, taking an average when listing an insured value.

If you have any questions about how Otis works or your Otis account, please don't hesitate to give our support team a shout on the app or via email at [email protected].

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