Yes. For all migrating assets, your shares will automatically transfer over to Public once the migration process is complete. However, in order to view your holdings or sell your shares, Otis members will need to open a Public account, go through onboarding and “enable Alts” in the app (please note that the enable Alts functionality is not yet live in the Public app). Once these steps are complete, the shares will appear in your portfolio within two business days. Please note: to help facilitate the connection of your Otis and Public accounts, when opening your Public account please use the same legal name and email address as your Otis account if possible. Otherwise, there could be potential delays in connecting your accounts.

New Public users can go here and get between $3 and $300 in free stock when they fund their account.

More details will be forthcoming to shareholders in regards to exact timing; however, we expect Otis members will be able to view their holdings in the Public app in late August or early September.

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